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Does your brand have a Facebook Mobile Strategy?

( With additional inputs from Daksh Sharma, Director, iffort)

“Mobile is the future!” You must have heard this line a million times now in various marketing conferences and discussions. There is a huge transition in place now with more and more users (more than 500 million) browsing Facebook and consuming content from other social channels using their phones. 

[Source: Social Bakers]

More often than not due to time/budget constraints brands and marketers tend to ignore the mobile marketing opportunities while planning a campaign. Mobile is critical on Facebook because the mobile users are twice as active on Facebook when compared to users from other categories! 

Keeping the above-mentioned points in mind, here’s a look at some of the things which any marketer or brand must keep in mind while planning a campaign:
a) What is the CTR of your Facebook Mobile Ads?

Let us first of all understand the ad-opportunities available on Facebook mobile: 

a) Promoted Posts
b) Sponsored Like Stories
c) App Ads
d) Offers

[source: Mashable]

Let’s delve a little deeper and decode the performance of Facebook Mobile Ads by analyzing data from an Ad-campaign we recently ran for one of our client from the insurance vertical. 

a) Out of 17,000+ acquired fans in the Brand’s Facebook page around 6656 (38%) were through mobile. 
b) Also at 1.037% the CTR of mobile-ads was the highest beating the ads served on desktop quite easily.

[Source: data from our Ad-Campaign] 

So what was the Learning? 

The statistics were astounding! With 38% Page Like Sources, mobile was definitely one of the top sources of traffic to the Fan Page.  

The data re-asserted the importance of: 

a) Serving content specifically for Mobile Phone users.
b) Developing applications specifically for Mobile device users to improve their experience of interacting with any content associated with the campaign. 

The Basic Question - Why are mobile users clicking more?

Some of the reasons for higher interactivity of Mobile Ads could be: 

a) Mobile ads have less to compete with. There are neither birthday reminders nor display ads running on the right rail in mobile; rather ads appear only where users’ attention is most fixed: the News Feed.
b) Users actually perceive them as content, and are clicking through to learn more about the Pages and apps their friends interact with.
c) The screens of Mobile phones and Tablets are smaller compared to desktops. This restricted space ensures the rise of attention span. 

b) Content consumption on mobile platform: 

The content strategy developed is usually tailor-made for desktop users without giving a thought to Mobile users. We spend a lot of time cross-checking how rich media looks on the desktop (by testing the text, graphics etc.), however we rarely check the appearance/content of the same on a Mobile device.

We also noticed an interesting trend while browsing brand pages on Mobile devices: 

Importance of About Section and Contact Details

We all know the importance of About Section and how it conveys information about your objectives and business goals.  On a mobile device, the first thing you can see after the cover pic and profile pic is the “About section of a brand”. Due to the size of the mobile device, the tendency of a user to read it is much higher. Short and clear content in the about section will help keeping the user hooked to your brand page.  

Updating contact details on your Business Page gives you an option to “CALL” from Mobile devices. This feature can be a boon for e-commerce and other business owners who are using Social Media for Lead generation! Who knows you might get an enquiry call by a fan?

c) Does your CTA strategy work on mobile?

During campaigns we generally use Facebook and other social media channels with a clear Call To Action (CTA) to drive traffic to a micro-site, blog etc. 

The question is: Does the website, micro-site offer good user experience to Mobile users? 
Shouldn’t a micro-site/website be extensively checked for Cross-platform compatibility apart from Cross-browser compatibility?

Example: Mashable is a fine example of a website which offers great UX across all platforms. Mashable describes it’s new website as social, mobile and visual. It goes on to say “With more than 30% of Mashable readers now consuming our content on mobile devices, we're delighted to provide a great reading experience on the go.”

We need to ensure that the micro-site – where we are diverting a Mobile User from Facebook/other social channels is optimized for mobile viewers otherwise be prepared for high bounce rates! It’s always better to cross-check the developed micro-site/landing page and other important links from a mobile user’s perspective. 

d) Contest Strategy
Contests are definitely a win-win situation for the brands and the users but the same contest a brand is running on Facebook Tab cannot be accessed on a mobile device. Other options to run contests specifically for Facebook Mobile users have to be explored since contest tabs are defunct. 

Even many applications developed for Facebook Contests are not verified on Mobile due to which the app experiences a drop-out rate. 

The future definitely seems bright for Mobile Phone app developers and marketers/brands vouching for Facebook synched mobile marketing strategy! 
Let’s wait and watch to find-out who makes the most out of it 


Edited by Ankit Bhatnagar

The views expressed here are of the author alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of afaqs! Campus


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