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5 steps to build effective Email Marketing Engine

In 2013, Email Marketing is  the top area of marketing investment  according to a recent Industry Survey by an email ESP (Strongmail). Respondents identified email marketing, social media and mobile as the most popular channels for receiving increased investment in 2013.

In spite of growth in new communication media, email is the most preferred mode for marketing communication by the customers as it is less intrusive, gives control to recipient on timing and content. Recent improvements in technology as well as regulations have helped in reducing spam. As internet adoption grows in India, more customers will get online, importance of email as a marketing channel will grow in tandem with social media and mobile.

In this article, I will discuss how to build an effective email marketing engine. If you already have a email marketing program, you may find some useful insights to improve your practices. 

1. Aims and goals setting  : Why and what is business impact?
It is very important to have clear understanding of measurable impact on the business. Apart from the standard email marketing performance metrics such as deliverability, Open rate, click rate, conversion rate and revenues,  you should build metrics to understand engagement metrics such as repeat visits by cohorts and customer segments, activities on websites, and social media. In this world of cross channel marketing, it is important to understand all the touch points and build a revenue attribution model.

2. Segmentation and targeting  - Who?
Build a customer database with demographics, behavior, response data, and profiles and use it to segment customer base.  Use the email channel to engage dormant customers, convert active users to paying users and pitch the right products to the right customers based on purchase behavior.  Build campaigns to target specific segments to achieve specific goals set in Step 1 above.

3. Communications strategy  - When?
As you segment users and analyze responses to email campaigns, you will find that every segment has different behavior. Customize your communication plan for each of the segments based on life cycle.

4. Creative & copywriting  - What ?
Customized subject lines, rich content that is timely and relevant is critical to  campaign success, Use the campaigns to build a conversation with the users, through emails, landing pages and website content.

5. Testing & optimization – How?
Optimizing the campaigns through testing is critical to reach the business results. Through AB and multivariate testing, the campaigns can be more effective. It will also help you in reducing spam complaints and unsubscribes.

In future blog I will address tactics to improve effectiveness and efficiency of email marketing programs.

Note: The views expressed here are of the author alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of afaqs! Campus


Umesh Choori

Umesh Choori is the VP, Marketing and Analytics at based in Mumbai and New York. He has over 18 years of experience in broad range of industries and fields. He is a business and technology savvy thought leader and understands the emerging digital marketing  field. An IITian, Choori obtained MBA from University of Michigan. He has extensive experience in the USA and knows the Indian consumers. A yoga and health fanatic, spends his free time stretching body, mind and intellect.