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Superhit Formulas for Social Media success: The Quest Continues

Hello again to all my social media freaks (if you’re reading this, then you surely are one. Admit it!). 

This blog is all about the next 5 steps that you need to take to make your social media channels a  success. (Read the first ten rules here: )

 Assuming that you’ve read the first ten, here are the next 5 in no particular order.

Rule #11: Everything I do I do it for you! 
Update your social media channels or delete ‘em! It’s just that simple! You haven’t created a property just for the namesake now, have ya? So, do something with it every day. Be fun, creative and make updates keeping the latest happenings around the globe in mind. There’s loadsa content that you can post and enough to last you a lifetime on Google devta.  ;-)  

Rule #12: You drive me crazy!
Correct me if I’m wrong. But, I’m sure you’re doing social media with a vision to bring more people to your website and know your brand. Kapish? You’ve got your math right, if you know this algorithm. Driving traffic to only your social media won’t do the gimmick. So, get it straight. It is OK to drive people to YOUR site instead of Facebooks’, Twitters’ or Pinterests’. The joke’s on ya if you put all your efforts to bring traffic to them, if you know what I mean?! :-D 
Rule #13: I’m your Barbie girl
Golden Rule: Everyone and anyone on social media, whether connected to you or NOT, is an Influencer. Your content should always be so motivational that it should affect the opinions of your audiences, making them your unnamed brand ambassadors!
Rule #14: Oppa Gagnam Style
Your Barbie girls can do only 50% of your job, but it ain’t no fun until your TG has heard it from the horses’ mouth! The only way to scale word of mouth is paid advertising. Try using Facebook ads, Twitter sponsored stories/profiles, YouTube banners, Google and Yahoo advertising (yes, these for social media as well) and even e-mailers to rake in your audience. Every, read it again, E-V-E-R-Y effort counts!

Rule # 15: We no speak Americano? 

Get to their Mobile. Period. 

Better start speaking to the gen next in their lingo lest they change their language again. 
Imagine this. Your targeted user is traveling/lying on the bed at night/getting bored and checks out his/her FB (which the gen of today would do even if they are on the pot or half asleep) to see a mobile app created by your brand! Could there be a better opportunity? I’d say nah-uh! 

Get on with your fighting gear and charge towards the mobile territory. Desktop has been conquered by one and many. Mobile is the battlefield! Make social apps that are mobile friendly for users. Trust me when I say, you will see a major boost in your viewer and followership.
Well, that’s all the gyan for now folks. 

Toldja it would be a hard lesson. 

Next class is gonna get tougher!


Note: The views expressed here are of the author alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of afaqs! Campus



Akanksha Singhal

Akanksha Singhal is the Social Media Manager at FREECULTR. With over 6 years of experience in content, SEO and Social Media, she has augmented the growth of some of the most recognizable brands from strategy to execution in social mediums.