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The value of Facebook Fans for a Brand

Welcome to the digital era, where brands have bid farewell to old marketing tools and are successfully promoting themselves by using social media platforms, especially Facebook.  Checking the number of ‘Likes’ a brand has on its Facebook page is deemed to be the ultimate way to gauge a company’s social media marketing skills. 

Almost all of us are aware of the ‘Like’ button introduced by Facebook and its significance, which is more than a mere expression of a user appreciating a post. The objective of measuring a brand’s presence on Facebook is to make its consumers the voice of its brand thereby helping with its word of mouth marketing. 

This metrics is important to understand the evolution of the consumers as well as the brands on digital and social media platforms. Below are a few thoughts to understand the value of Facebook fans on a brand page.


Feedback is important: One of the key roles that social media plays for a brand, is to provide direct consumer feedback. Facebook can be a direct platform to access consumer feedback and to plan the way forward for any campaign. Consumer feedback and intelligence are key elements that a brand must start looking at, to go beyond the Hit ‘Like’ communication. Insights on consumer feedback can be incorporated in the campaign, thus making it more successful in meeting its objective.  

Conversion rate of a campaign: Beyond understanding the growing popularity of a brand, it is essential to understand the rate of conversion and recommendations that a campaign can drive for a brand. This helps one gauge the level of awareness created about the brand as well as the actual rate of conversions. It is important to start evaluating how many out of the 10 lakh (hypothetically) fans are users of one’s brand or will try or recommend the brand to another. Another essential factor is to understand the conversion-time that a campaign leads to, that can be measured through the ‘Likes’ and the hit rate of actual conversions. A successful campaign not only defines a successful brand, but also defines that one big idea that hits the right target audience. The idea has to go beyond gaining popularity through word of mouth and move to hitting the actual conversions and engaging the audience with the brand.

Influencer management outreach: It is important to get influencers on board to talk about one’s brand and help spread its outreach. Also, it is equally important to build and nurture brand advocates; people who are already users of the brand and active on social media in promoting or talking to the brand. The strategies should be planned in such a way that they keep engaging the existing users as well as reach out to the newer audience. The nature of engagement can keep changing depending on the topicality of that period.

Building a Connect / a sense of attachment is important: It is essential to understand that every brand cannot use the same tone of conversing or the same style of posts. Hence, one must gain consumer knowledge and interaction patterns prior to creating a communication chart or strategy for their brand. The nature of associating with the consumers and the brand can be determined on the basis of the brand’s needs, through that particular campaign. For example, if a brand is looking at creating awareness, the campaign should be structured in a way that it reaches the maximum target audience. Likewise, if it’s conversions and recalls that a brand is looking for, the campaign has to be designed in a manner that the target audience recalls the brand when they head out to buy such products/services. 

A page’s success isn’t reflected by the number of ‘Likes’ it has, but by the number of ‘Likes’ it retains. So, no matter how many ‘Likes’ it has, what really matters is the content that is shared with the world and the number of ‘Likes’ one manages to build up for their brand page. Brands should start looking at social media as a direct platform to spread awareness amongst the desired target audience and create engagement leading to conversions. 

Note: The views expressed here are of the author alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of afaqs! Campus


Zafar Rais

Zafar has an experience of over 10 years in Marketing, Branding, Business Development, Operations, Research & Product Innovation. Through his entrepreneurial venture MindShift Interactive he promises to deliver Insightful Digital Outreach for businesses .He has worked on successful campaigns for brands like Reliance, Homeshop18, The Bombay Store, Star Plus (Survivor India show), L’Oreal, Grazia, Cointreau, Sula Wines, and BIG CBS Network etc.