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It is time to stop building fans on Facebook

In the last few years we have seen a mad rush by brands to build fans on Facebook as if acquiring the highest number of fans is akin to winning an Olympic Gold. FB has been capitalising on this rush by offering Brands many advertising options to acquire this base which has been promptly lapped up by all.

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Digital and its identity crisis issues

Aren’t you sick of hearing that word over and over again? At every briefing, every brainstorming session and on every media plan? It’s like an epidemic really. No one really understands it, and everyone seems to claim an authority. It’s like a faceless virus that is affecting different parts of the industry in differently. Some have the social media fever; others have banner dysentery, some have technology nausea and worse happens when you catch the viral. And collectively, we call this disease – DIGITAL.

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Future of TV consumption in India

A few days ago, my aunt found the house maid watching a movie on her phone. The maid asked my aunt if she would also like to have some movies on her phone. On enquiring further she said that the mobile recharge shop would load a few movies in her memory card for a few 10 Rupees.

Has Media consumption dynamics changed? Movie piracy has shifted from VCR to CDs and now Digital files on Mobile!

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The value of Facebook Fans for a Brand

Welcome to the digital era, where brands have bid farewell to old marketing tools and are successfully promoting themselves by using social media platforms, especially Facebook.  Checking the number of ‘Likes’ a brand has on its Facebook page is deemed to be the ultimate way to gauge a company’s social media marketing skills. 

Almost all of us are aware of the ‘Like’ button introduced by Facebook and its significance, which is more than a mere expression of a user appreciating a post. The objective of measuring a brand’s presence on Facebook is to make its consumers the voice of its brand thereby helping with its word of mouth marketing.

This metrics is important to understand the evolution of the consumers as well as the brands on digital and social media platforms. Below are a few thoughts to understand the value of Facebook fans on a brand page.  

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Superhit Formulas for Social Media success: The Quest Continues

Hello again to all my social media freaks (if you’re reading this, then you surely are one. Admit it!). 

This blog is all about the next 5 steps that you need to take to make your social media channels a success. (Read the first ten rules here: )

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7 tips for using Twitter hashtag effectively

A hashtag (#) provides context for a tweet, helping summarize things within the 140 character limitation of Twitter whilst also being a great route of making things searchable. Taking this forward, brands and users use hashtags to leverage a new product launch, an event or a discussion. The fastest route of getting the word out there through the hashtags is by running a contest or a live conversation for a consistent period which ensures heavy usage of the hashtag. 

Here are few tips a brand must keep in mind when creating a hashtag.

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My ears and eyes hurt when I hear about Social Media Marketing

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5 steps to build effective Email Marketing Engine

In spite of growth in new communication media,  email is the most preferred mode for marketing communication by the customers as it is less intrusive, gives control to recipient on timing and content.  Recent improvements in technology as well as regulations have helped in reducing spam.  As internet adoption grows in India, more customers will get online, importance of email as a marketing channel will grow in tandem with social media and mobile.

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7 steps to construct a Digital campaign

The understanding of the medium, and how to use it to build brands, varies wildly. As a result, the planning and structure of digital campaign is often a matter of guesswork.

The thing is, there is no single method to cracking a digital campaign. You can start with an idea, an objective, technology, data, a platform or the audience. Each method looks at the medium differently. Each method is equally correct.

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Difference between Advertising and Social Media Agencies

I have interned in advertising as well as social media agencies. In fact, in my last internship at a social media agency, we shared office with an advertising agency. Thus, I can provide you with the minutest differences between the two. Let’s take a look:


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