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Why I don’t - CLICK HERE. NOW!!

Are banner ads, which once opened the doors for the marketers to start exploring this new terrain (internet), loosing its relevance?

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How to choose your digital analytics tools

At one point, every marketer might have wondered with this question at least once – What is the best digital analytics solution that is available in the market? The answer is, none. I can assure that there is no, one tool that is going to solve every business problem that you have.

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Digital Marketing Trends 2013

It’s that time of the year when we are going to take out those Crystal Balls and predict trends for 2013. With the advent of 2013, Digital Marketing is gaining more acceptance in Advertising budgets and looks all poised to overthrow traditional advertising as the first love of marketers ! From buzzwords like SoLoMo to Native advertising and responsive design, we are all looking out for the next big TREND of 2013! 

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Kung-Fu Panda Strikes Brands

What's Panda? And who the hell is this Penguin? These two Google updates have transformed the way content is indexed and categorised across the Internet today. And they are coming back for more

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10 Commandments of Mobile Marketing

Binay Tiwari (of global mobile ad network named  talks about the 10 Commandments of Mobile Marketing which will help brands deliver superior brand experiences on mobile.

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5 important tools for Web Analytics

Every business, big or small, start-up or established, needs to have a digital presence through a website. Websites are growing in the share of sales as well as new customer acquisition. Most consumers search for product reviews and pricing on the Internet prior to making purchases. Hence, understanding the performance of the evolving digital (web) channel is critical to success of your business.

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Why is website an important asset for financial companies? [Whitepaper]

This whitepaper aims at informing CMO’s and their digital marketing personnel about the importance of a website for a financial company and throws light on a lot of relevant aspects and also busts some famous website myths.Click here to download and read more

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Does your brand have a Facebook Mobile Strategy?

“Mobile is the future!” You must have heard this line a million times now in various marketing conferences and discussions. There is a huge transition in place now with more and more users (more than 500 million) browsing Facebook and consuming content from other social channels using their phones. 

NOTE: The genesis of this post was the outcome of a recent social activation campaign conducted by Iffort.

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The Super Hit Formula for Social Media Success

Social Media could actually be a walk in the park if you knew how to chart the course of this rocky terrain. The key to success is to make your social media behavior cringe-worthy.  
Yes, you heard that right!
And, trust the experts when they say, it’s no rocket science…

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Decoding the Psyche of a Social Media Contest Freak

Hello, Brand and agency, we know that every single day, you dream of your hashtag making it to the trending list on twitter. You feel that every contest of yours is uber-cool and those #ifiwere___ or #replacemovienamewith are the most innovative trending tags ever.
But the question we have is, do guys like “Contest_Freak” and plethora of other users participating in your contests add any Brand value or quality to your conversations? 

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