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How does search re-targeting work?

Google has recently announced that it will enable marketers to leverage re-targeting or re-marketing on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) via its paid search ads. afaqs! Campus guest blogger - Prabhvir Sahmey - explains how does search re-targeting work

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Digital analytics for success – Methodology & Approach (Part 3 of Web Analytics Series)

The digital analytics philosophy I follow is, Technology is a tool and People drive the business but the underlying process which is connecting these dots is what defines success. Day by day, I believe technology is becoming more and more a facilitator but the differentiating factor comes from the business processes that we follow. We need to recall how Henry Ford painted the famous Model T, in black to meet speed and increase the efficiency. What he has done for manufacturing automation is the same we need to do for managing data now.

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6 sins you should avoid on Facebook

No, this is not one of those lists which will tell you what to do on Facebook. Every brand is on Facebook and everyone knows how to market their product or service on Facebook, after all which brand can resist staying away from a social network where there are whopping 50 million Indian users!

 On the contrary, this is a list which will tell you What NOT to do on Facebook. 

1) Typos and Grammar Check – You have spent years making that perfect product, have laid out a comprehensive social media plan to market it. You got your posts lined up and are now ready to rock the social media world but wait a small punctuation or typo can be a disaster. 

Your audience on the brand page is ruthless and very well read. Even a small typo or grammar can hamper the great social media plan you have laid out! It’s time to go back to the basics – punctuations, typos, spelling mistakes. Use Google if you are in doubt ( I do that – it’s better to be safe than sorry) 

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How Cricket Fares on Social Media

As the Cricket Frenzy grips all of us first with the World T-20 and now the Champions league T-20. Here is an exclusive case study by Socialbakers who recently examined the social media performances of the Cricket  teams. They have paid particularly close attention to fan growth, interactions and engaging posts on each of the team Facebook pages. 

Curious to know which team fared the best? Check out the case study below-

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FB Ads 101: Three Quick Tips to run your Ads effectively

Facebook recently touched a billion users and the platform has emerged as a major advertising platform due to its huge user-base. Facebook ads provide a perfect platform to reach out to highly targeted audience while leveraging the network effect of the Facebook Community. In this blog I cover 3 Quick Tips to run and optimize your Ads :

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How Social are Indian E-commerce portals? [Infographic]

How Social are Indian E-commerce portals ?

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Three things to measure in a Facebook Page - Going Beyond Fans

Usually brand owners are curious to know how many fans should they get for their Facebook page? More often than not, this is the first question that comes to a marketer’s mind while planning the growth of their Facebook brand community.

While this question is correct from a sheer numbers perspective, in real sense there are several other parameters that actually tell you how well your community is growing. So here is how you can assess the performance of your Facebook content: 

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Digital analytics – What is it? (Part 2 of Web Analytics Series)

A simple Google search for the term ‘Digital analytics’ is retuning 60 Million results and a search for ‘Web analytics’ is retuning 270 Million results. When compared the top 10 searches for both, not a single website is the same. This is a simple example of confusion that is associated with digital analytics in the current market. 

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afaqs! Campus gives B-school students a taste of real marketing, the digital way

Students at some premier business schools have raised the bar for industry exposure when it comes to digital media and marketing by going for courses meant for corporates, by corporate faculty at afaqs! Campus.

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Data to Insights – The journey of intelligence (Part 1 of Web Analytics Series)

To master the new social and mobile channels with a need to identify perceptive and pervasive insights, marketers are in the quest of ultimate knowledge about the customer and the data seems to be the answer. This blog is an effort to make the data easy to understand and more meaningful.

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