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Social Media Marketing Workshop

Program Objective

The two-day afaqs! Campus Social Media program is a deep dive and hands-on workshop, where you will learn ways of using social media platforms--like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Blog etc.--in detail.  


Session 1: Social Media Marketing

- What is Social Media?
- Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms
- Social Media: Key facts, and why it matters for your business

Session 2: Social Media Marketing Strategy

- How Social Media fits within your overall marketing activities
- Major Social Media networks and their uses

Session 3: The art and science of Story-telling

- Importance of story-telling in marketing
- Micro-content and it's relevance on Social Media
- Elements of a story

Session 4: Blogging for brands

- Discussing Blog providers and their features
- The art of Blogging
- How to promote your Blog
- Linking your blog to other Social Media channels
- Best practices and case studies


Session 5: Leveraging the power of Twitter

- Language of Twitter
- How to leverage Twitter as a CRM and listening tool
- How to use Twitter as a marketing tool
- Measuring Twitter
- Case studies of Twitter campaigns

Session 6: Using LinkedIn for business

- Understanding the LinkedIn terminology
- Understanding LinkedIn company profiles
- What LinkedIn groups can do for you
- How to use LinkedIn for Personal Branding
- How to use LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development
- Using LinkedIn for Marketing Activities
- Learning from the LinkedIn Case Studies


Session 7: Using Facebook for Marketing 

- Facebook: Social Network or Platform
- Everything Starts with Your Facebook Page 
- The new Facebook Page elements and tools 
- Story telling on Facebook – How to engage consumers consistently? 
- How to differentiate your content on Facebook compared to your competitor?
- How can brands increase presence on Newsfeed?
- How can brands use custom Open Graph to drive traffic and engagement?
- What role FB apps can play in marketing?
- Type of apps one can create?
- How to integrate Facebook on Brand's website/micro-site?
- Create your first optimized and tested Facebook Ad
- Targeting possibilities via Facebook Ads
- How to measure and what to measure on Facebook. 


Session 8: YouTube for brands

-YouTube: The new TV
- How to develop your YouTube Strategy
- Leveraging viral marketing and seeding content
- How to leverage YouTube for advertising

Session 9: Demystifying other Social Media platforms

- What is Pinterest?
- How to create Pinterest friendly content?
- Case Studies on Pinterest Marketing
- Your Foursquare presence? 
- Developing a Foursquare Strategy
- How to use Foursquare during seasonal discounts and offer periods
- Google+: In or Out?

Learning Process:
Class size will be restricted to 15-20 corporate participants. The workshop class will be highly interactive and will consist of a combination of video material, case studies, class discussions and assignments.

What our past participants had to say...
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