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This two-day intensive Digital Marketing Program is specially designed to give you complete overview of digital marketing channels (display, social, search and mobile) in a simplified format quickly -
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Digital Marketing Program

Key Take Away

This two day program aims to give you an overview of all marketing channels available under digital media [Display, mobile, search and social] and let you understand the bigger picture of digital marketing, quickly.  

Session One: Display Advertising

- Introduction to online marketing concepts 
- What are different ad formats and how to use it in effective and interesting way?
- How ad inventory is bought and sold on internet?
- Why is targeting important and how to leverage it? 
- Ad Networks. Are all Ad Networks same? What role Ad Networks can play in your marketing efforts? How to evaluate an Ad Network?
- How to allocate your advertising budget? Tips and Best practices. 
- How to track the effectiveness of your campaign? 
- Group Assignment 

Session Two: Search Engine Marketing

- The Basics of Search Marketing
- How Paid Search Marketing process works and how you can use it effectively?
- How Google AdWords bidding process works?
- What role Search can play in the overall marketing mix?
- Can Search advertising and Social advertising be used together? 

Session Three: Social Media Marketing

- How to arrive at a social media strategy aligned to business objectives
- How to select platforms that work for your business - an integrated approach
- How to set realistic goals for your brand
- Content Strategy - Why it's critical for the brand
- The Art and Science of Creating and Curating Content
- How to map, measure using free and paid-for tools

Session Four: Mobile Marketing

- Mobile Marketing is beyond SMS Marketing. Understand the new mobile landscape   
and Mobile marketing ecosystem – Various players and platforms involved in mobile marketing system. 
- WAP banner advertising, How to leverage it for your brand?
- Does your brand need an app? How you can use apps for marketing
- Do I need an app or a Wap site? 
- How to leverage mobile games to your advantage? 
- Which are the different mobile Ad Networks available? How to leverage Mobile ad networks?
- How you can use SMS marketing in more interesting and creative way
- How mobile can provide various targeting possibilities?
- Are QR Codes useful? How QR Codes can be used creatively and effectively?

Analytics integrated with the sessions

Learning Process:
Class size will be restricted to 15-20 corporate participants. The workshop class will be highly interactive and will consist of a combination of video material, case studies, class discussions and assignments.


Mumbai , May 16-17, 2014

9 am to 6 pm @ Le Sutra Hotel, Khar (W)


Fee : Rs 12000
( Group discounts available )

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